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Sports' Ambassadors


This year our Sports' Ambassadors are Vahin, Daisy, Jake, Matthew and Oscar. They were appointed at the beginning of the Autumn term and have already made an impact during lunchtimes. Their aim to make play times more active for every child. Our timetable of clubs below has been working well for this term, and we will be updating it in the Spring term.

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Target Board Competition


This term we ran a competition to design a Target Board for our new playground equipment so we can begin to use it at break and lunch times. The winners were submitted to the artist who will merge the similar designs. Here are other entries that the Sports' Ambassadors particularly liked.

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This year we continue with the Golden Mile initiative. It is a safe, simple and measurable health & physical activity. It aims to inspire and encourage participants with a focus on fun, rewarding personal achievement. Over the course of the year, we keep track of the miles that the children have run or walked, encouraging healthy competition with themselves, their peers and other classes. It is run by Year 5 children, who keep a record of the miles run and enter the information on line. Children can earn themselves rewards for reaching different milestones.



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Year 3/4 Dodgeball Competition - Cammie


On Thursday 10th January, Maxwell, Gracie-Mai, Anna, Charlie W and me from Year 4 went to Stowmarket Leisure Centre to compete in a Dodgeball competition with Emilia, Zara, Rafa, Jake and Logan from Year 3. We took turns to play a match with another team. Each match was 3 rounds and 6 of us played in the squad for each round. We won some rounds and lost some rounds but we had a great time overall!