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Supporting the Community


This is Mila shopping for four different households including her own. Quite a task! She’s in charge of the paper list and shallow trolley and her mum is in charge of the shopping app and the big trolley. Having purchased the shopping the next job is to deliver it all. Mila and mum are getting more efficient including getting up that slope at Asda Stowmarket!

Well done Mila for helping others.smiley





On his daily walk, throughout coronavirus, James often comments on the rubbish that others have thrown down. So last weekend James got on his gardening gloves and filled up several bags of rubbish on his walks. He looks forward to continuing his litter picks and trying to keep Pakenham spick and span.

Well done James for making sure the countryside is kept clean and tidy and showing that you care about the environment.yes

Isobel has been really busy raising funds for Suffolk Wildelife. She has made, and decorated, a stall in her front garden where she is giving out wildflower seeds in hand-decorated potato-printed envelopes for people in her village to take and plant in their own gardens. As well as encouraging people to plant wild flowers in their gardens, Isobel has written a song. Well done Isobel keep up the good work.


Please find below Isobel’s fundraiser page below and an article on Suffolk Wildlife Trust Website featuring Isobel's story in the ‘news section.’


This is the song she composed live on YouTube!