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 Art and Design   


At Norton CEVC Primary School we aim to enthuse children with our Art and Design curriculum. We hope they will learn to embrace creativity, technique, experimentation and reflection. We enable them to understand the context in which art is created and be keen to experiment in their own development. Children learn about the spiritual, cultural and diverse influences of artists that shape their work. They should know how art and design both reflects and shape our history and contribute to the creativity and wealth of society. We teach children to use a range of vocabulary and reference to express their ideas about art and to evaluate their work using opinion, belief, evidence and justification. We nurture children’s confidence to reflect on their own creations, believe in their own achievements and reflect upon the work of others, having experienced a diverse variety of artists, craft makers and designers. We want all of our pupils to be inspired, achieve positive results, have fun, open their minds and find themselves as individuals through the creation and exploration of art as a journey.   




Art and Design is taught through weekly lessons which follow a progressive plan of skills and techniques. Woven into these experiences are references to other subjects. History, Geography, Maths and DT all contribute to understanding the context of art and artists. Some sessions may be inspired by topic themes to provide embedded links and deeper understanding for that year group. Each class has a timetabled session for art and design. Planning ensures that the children experience a variety of mediums and are introduced to a range of art makers. We take part in discussions and share our sketchbooks with others across the school. Teachers are ready to embrace new ideas and we strive to make our lessons current, diverse and relevant. 




At Norton CEVC Primary School we are proud to share our sketchbooks. We are confident to talk about the decisions we make to create individual pieces of art and craft and can refer to the artists and makers we have studied.  We research and discover how other makers have developed their skills and this leads us to make choices about how we approach our own creativity. The bespoke art and design curriculum links to some of our focus topics to embed the learning that takes place in a variety of subjects. This increases our confidence to think knowledgably and have a strong base for future learning. We really enjoy exploring materials, making art and the journey of trying new ideas. We can refer to the vocabulary we have experienced and use this to evaluate own own creations, the work of our peers and the wider community of artists. 

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