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Worship Team

Who are we?


We are Wilf, Griff, Harry, Lilly, Hollie and Leah. We are all in Year 6 at Norton. Our role is to help plan, deliver and evaluate our collective worship in school. We also help to promote our school Christian values. If you have any ideas for Collective Worship please come and talk to one of us. 



What we are working on

Each Wednesday we meet with Mrs Harris. Here is what we have been discussing recently:


Wednesday 4th January 

We looked at our Worship Team award criteria and decided on tasks for the week. 

Wilf, Lilly and Griff will be designing posters to explain Collective Worship to younger children. 

Harry, Leah and Hollie will be writing a prayer to share in Collective Worship.


Wednesday 23rd November 

Mrs Harris shared the new gathering phrases to be used to introduce our Learn Believe Achieve assemblies on Fridays. These link to our school vision and values. Harry will collect them from Mrs Rapley. 

Mrs Harris updated the children on MAF advent calendars that will be given out next week and explained how this will link to the Suffolk Inspiring Angels project. 


Wednesday 16th November

Wilf introduced our Prayer Space to the whole school is assembly today. 

We worked together to write a letter to  parents and carers about the Doxa Sock project Caroline Vallance has asked us to be involved with.  


Wednesday 9th November

We reviewed their progress towards the Bronze award and decided that our next focus would be to develop a reflection space in the hall. The Worship Team explored the resources on 'Prayer Spaces for Schools'. We decided to go for 'Diversity Chains' to celebrate everyone's uniqueness. 

Mrs Harris ordered some people cutouts. Worship Team will prepare resources this week to be displayed by next Wednesday. 

Wednesday 12th October 

  • Mrs Harris introduced the Collective Worship leaders programme. We agreed that we would work on achieving Bronze by Christmas. 
  • Leah suggested focusing on 'Preparing the Space'. The Worship team decided they needed to develop a worship table and greet people as they enter the hall. This will begin after half term.
  • Next week: The Y6 children are on their residential trip so we will meet after half term. In the meantime, they will plan what they would like to include on their worship table.  


Wednesday 28th September

  • We reviewed the Collective Worship evaluations. Oscar suggested using different 'sending' phrases. Mrs Harris will order a new Flipping Praise book
  • Griff is going to explain to people how to fill out the value section on the evaluation form. 
  • Next week: Mrs Harris is on a Collective Worship course so Worship team will spend the time researching and writing new sending phrases. They will also ask other children for their ideas. 


Wednesday 21st September:

  • We agreed on a format for evaluating collective worship.
  • The worship team have made a list of children willing to evaluate collective worship. Hollie and Wilf will make a table to keep track of who has had a turn.  Leah and Harry will make sure someone is evaluating each assembly. 
  • Mrs Harris will make a folder of sheets to fill in. 
  • Next week: We will check that we are happy with how they are being completed and make an assembly running order for staff and worship leaders. 


Wednesday 14th September:

  • We came up with 2 ideas of causes we would like to support. The Gatehouse Food Bank in Bury St. Edmunds and the Children's ward at Addenbrookes hospital. We decided that we would have a collection for the food bank for Harvest and investigate how we could support children who may have to spend time in hospital over Christmas. 
  • Griff suggested we start to hand out the stones and crosses to children like we used to before Covid 19.
  • It was also suggested that we promote the Prayer box in the hall and that members of worship team reads them out during Friday assembly. 
  • Leah and Lily will remind the children that they can use the Prayer Space to reflect on The Queen's Wisdom and Strength as well as their own. 
  • Next week: Look at evaluation sheets for Collective Worship


Wednesday 7th September








  • Mrs Harris welcomed the new worship team, explained their roles and handed out badges that they could wear throughout the year. ne more badge needs to be ordered. 
  • We discussed what jobs needed to be done during Collective Worship. We dicided worship team would fulfil these roles initially and then train other Y6 pupils later in the year. 

    Set up benches, chairs and entry music 

    Welcome people with the ‘gathering’ 

    Play the song 

    Introduce prayers 

    Read the ‘sending’ 

    Tidy the hall 

  • Worship team will make sure evaluation sheets are completed daily and. 

  • Next Week: Think about a charity to support through our Harvest Festival 

What plans do we have for the future?

We would like to run an appeal at Christmas to support children who may have to spend Christmas in hospital, specifically Addenbrookes in Cambridge. This is a cause close to our hearts at the moment.