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At Norton Primary School music is taught creatively and has a strong practical focus. We want children to feel energised with musical opportunities presented to them. Students are encouraged to bring enthusiasm and a great attitude to every music session and we are proud of their achievements. 


Music Curriculum Lessons

Mr. Cole, our school music co-ordination, joins us each week and teaches all year groups except for Year Five. Music planning and lessons are tailored to class curriculum topics which brings creativity and relevance when teaching important musical skills. Children are encouraged to have 'ownership' over pieces created and are motivated performing these compositions! 


Year Five

In Year Five everyone is given the chance to learn a musical instrument. Currently these lessons are Clarinet and a teacher from the 'County Music Service' visits us weekly.


Play On

Following on from Year Five, children are invited to continue with their instrument in Year Six. At this stage parents can pay for this continued tuition. Students are encouraged to use their instruments within curriculum lessons where appropriate. 


Ukulele Club

Mr. Cole runs ukulele club every Monday across the lunchtime session for children in key stage 2. The children enjoy learning melodies and using chords as an accompaniment for a range of songs! We are fortunate to have a set of good quality ukuleles for children to use in school. These instruments are also used in our music curriculum lessons for melodic or rhythmic playing in key stage 2. Please do get in touch if you would like your child to be involved! 


Norton Choir

Our school choir meet on a Monday after school. Mr. Cole leads the sessions and encourages the children to develop a real love for singing! Children attending are introduced to a varied program of songs and are encouraged to share songs of their own. They are frequently used in a 'teaching role' sharing their growing skills in assemblies and inspiring the school community. We look forward to many performances throughout the year. Come and join us! 


Performances in Our Community

Musical performances occur frequently in school throughout the school year in class assemblies and year group productions and audiences are invited frequently to attend. In addition to this, we have developed strong links with the community. Our enthusiastic school choir have been invited to 'worship' events at certain points throughout the year. The Eucharist Service was an excellent example of how students at Norton Primary School use their Christian Values to share and celebrate together. We have strong links with both the Baptist Church and St. Andrew's Church, where we have celebrated key events and celebrated the children's confidence in performance! 


More recently, the children at Norton Primary School wrote and performed 'A Song For The Queen' at the Norton Fayre in June 2022 and Mr. Cole had an opportunity to speak to Radio Suffolk about the children inspiring the lyrics. There was a wonderful recording made of the children in rainbow colours performing as a school! A very proud moment for their efforts with this. 


We look to take performance opportunities to an even higher level moving forward. We need to present children with these opportunities to be involved and have music as a key part of their lives moving forward.