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When a child leaves this school, we want them to have a secure understanding of basic scientific concepts and skills and be able to apply these in new situations. To have a good understanding of scientific vocabulary. To be excited by exploring science practically, developing their confidence by allowing them to manage risks and have fun. They should have had opportunities to feel the awe and wonder of the real world; to recognise the power of rational explanation and develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena.  Pupils should understand the importance of how to look after themselves physically and understand the emotional changes they will go through as they grow. The children should be inspired and excited to investigate ideas and find out how the world works. To know that science has changed our lives and is vital to the world’s future prosperity. To understand the place of science in the world so that they know the impact of global warming, deforestation and pollution.



All classes teach a 90-minute Science lesson a week. All teachers follow the national curriculum objectives for their year group. Teachers plan differentiated, engaging lessons which cover the objectives in meaningful ways, using the outside area where appropriate and allowing children to use a range of scientific equipment.  Children have the opportunity to work alone, in pairs or as part of a larger group. Children of all ages are encouraged to explore science practically and take part in a range of scientific experiments and investigations. STEM Learning activities are used to enhance the curriculum across the year groups.  Safety when using equipment is a primary focus for all staff. Science share mornings gives the whole school and parents the opportunity to explore and enjoy science.