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Religious Education at Norton CEVC Primary School


When a child leaves Norton CEVC Primary School, we want them achieve religious literacy. Working together, they will be able to engage in meaningful and informed dialogue about faiths and world views, showing an informed and respectful attitude. Learning about different faiths will enable them to do this. They will develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity as a living faith, which influences the lives of people worldwide. They will also have knowledge and understanding of other major religions and world views; their impact on society, culture and the wider world. At the end of their time at Norton, children will have an awareness of their own spiritual, philosophical and ethical beliefs and how these influence the way that they live their lives. 


At Norton CEVC Primary School, our Religious Education is taught in line with the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus, through the Emmanuel Project RE Scheme. The scheme fulfils the requirements of this locally agreed syllabus. It is an enquiry-based scheme that gives all children the opportunity to learn about core concepts from a range of religions and world views. Through the use of questions, it provides all children with an opportunity to explore and reflect on what they believe. Our aim is that our pupils achieve religious literacy, enabling them to participate in meaningful and informed dialogue about religion. To fulfil the requirements of the Church of England's Statement for Entitlement in addition to the locally agreed syllabus we hold termly Christianity enrichment days.




Long Term Planning

Year 1 Baptism Service

Visit to Cambridge Central Mosque

Visiting Ipswich Mosque

Upper Key Stage 2 Evidence of Jesus as God incarnate

Experience Pentecost