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Early Reading

Reading in Early Years and Year 1

In Early Years and Key Stage 1, children take Read Write Inc sessions. Their progress is tracked individually throughout the year, so that intervention can be put into place in order that a child should not become 'stuck'.


We are currently updating this section of the website - more RWI Information will be added soon.


In Year 1, the children also have timetabled guided reading slots where they read with an adult and work on decoding, accuracy, fluency, expression and comprehension. They experience a wide range of texts throughout the year, which will challenge them in different ways. We are constantly updating our school and class libraries, and it is our mission that every child will see themselves in a book.


As they read, whether individually, in pairs, to an adult, or within a small group, they learn to retrieve information from a text and make simple inferences and deductions. Reading for pleasure is hugely important, not least for vocabulary acquisition, so home reading is rewarded in our celebration assemblies with 'Reading Rainbows' and also, for more confident readers, 'Accelerated Reader' certificates. Readers who need that little extra support are heard daily by staff or volunteer helpers. Class teachers read each day from smaller stories or poetry books, to longer class readers.