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Our school library building is a multi-use space which has many functions within the school. It offers us an intervention space, providing a quiet and calm environment for small group and individual learning. It is also home to lunchtime book clubs and music groups, as well as our ‘Play On’ clarinet sessions.



We have carried out the enormous task of re-cataloguing our collection of books, scanning them onto our school system and removing dated or damaged titles. We have also restocked our library in many areas with new non-fiction topic books, as well as with a huge spend on mid-range fiction compatible with the Accelerated Reader system. These have been arranged on shelves in Accelerated Reader levels so that the children can select from the range appropriate to their reading level. We have also invested heavily in graphic novels, complete stories presented in illustrated or comic-book format, as well as ensuring a diverse representation in terms of the authors, characters and subject matter we have selected. One of the drivers for our school’s curriculum is that every child should leave the school at the end of Year 6 as an avid reader: it is therefore really important to us that every child should see someone like themselves in a book.



From Monday, the library will be reopening after school to families so that books can be borrowed for reading and sharing at home. This week, the children have been issued with a bar code which parents/carers will need to use to borrow books. The library will be open until 3.30pm every afternoon with our librarians Mrs Fenn and Mrs Thomas ready to greet you.



Children will not be able to take out books without an adult. Many are brand new and some will be very expensive to replace, so the expectation is that they are returned in the same condition as when they were taken out. The librarians will quickly scan your chosen book(s) and then scan your child’s library card. Books can be borrowed for up to two weeks at a time, but can be easily renewed. Up to 4 titles can be borrowed at once.



Obviously, space is limited within the library so if it is getting busy after school, it is advised that you either wait outside or spend a few minutes at the park. We are currently investigating the best options for children who use after school provision or the school buses, but it is our hope in the future to set up every child with an online account.



Learning to read is such a fundamental part of a child’s development, so it is fantastic that we are able to share this new library with you. We look forward to welcoming you!