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Physical Education


At Norton Primary School, we aim to inspire all children to experience personal success in physical activity and develop a lifelong passion for it. Through regular opportunities for competition, children will have developed resilience, respect and humility that they can apply to other areas of their lives. Children will also be able to work cooperatively with others, as part of a team, with a sense of fairness and sportsmanship. When a child leaves this school, they will have the courage to try new things with self-belief and without fear of failure.



All children receive 2 hours of PE teaching per week. Sports coaches are used effectively to develop the skills of both children and staff. Regular opportunities for activity are available during the school day to keep children active both in the classroom and on the playground during break and lunch times. Pupil voice features heavily in decision-making about playground equipment and lunch time clubs. Older children are given opportunities to become leaders in different initiatives, including Sports Ambassadors and The Golden Mile, during which they become role models for others. Children are invited to participate in at least one intra- and inter-school competition during each half term as an opportunity to apply new skills and celebrate success.