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At Norton we aim for a high quality history curriculum, which should inspire in pupils a keen yet critical interest in Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We want children to enjoy and love learning about history through the acquisition of new knowledge and skills and, in particular, how knowledge can be applied to different periods, events and historical figures. They will have a good understanding of the chronology of major historical periods. Furthermore they will be able to make informed comment in relation to wider themes, such as societal influences, cultural changes and the development of technologies. We ensure children are introduced to specific vocabulary for each history topic and that this used by the children to explain their ideas. 



All classes in both Key Stage 1 and 2 alternate the terms with history and geography themes. The term in which history is taught, lessons are weekly and generally 90 minutes in length, however some classes will block their learning.   Children have the opportunity to work alone, in pairs or as part of a mixed group when working on projects, reading or fact- finding tasks. Children are encouraged to use computers, the library, artefacts and interact respectively with outside agencies that are invited in. They will be able to retain information from experiencing first hand life as a Roman or Ancient Greek person.  They are also encouraged further up the KS to question sources of information and relate knowledge to other areas of learning. They will have an understanding of certain significant events and when chronologically they took place.



At Norton CEVC Primary School we aim to enrich children’s knowledge of History.  It is important for children to immerse themselves in experience and embed the ideas they learn each year. Every term we reflect back on previous learning and at the end of a topic each class demonstrates their vocabulary, understanding and new skills through quizzing, presentations or special events. This may be a study of a local war hero in key Stage 2 or a visit to the beach to identify the changes in the seaside for Key Stage One.  We have regular book looks with our Subject Leaders and Governors as an opportunity for children to explain their ideas and demonstrate their knowledge of chronology and the building blocks of history.   Our Knowledge Organisers act as a support and reminder of previous learning and children are skilled in referring to these for specific vocabulary and concepts. Children enjoy learning about the exciting events in History and talk about their learning with great enthusiasm.

History at Norton CEVC Primary School