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Online Safety

At Norton CEVC Primary School we feel it is very important to provide parents with key information on how they can keep their children safe online. We truly believe that by working with parents we can keep our children safe online and so we have financially invested in providing free online training for all parents to access. This free online training will only be available until Spring 2019. We have provided information in the past on how to access this training but if you have forgotten then please contact the office or refer to our Spring 2019 Newsletter which will have the details.
Smart devices promise to make our lives easier. And in many cases – they do. But these new technologies present risks too. Whether you’re using a digital assistant to record your shopping list or you’re controlling your lights through a smart system, many smart functions can be ‘hacked’ and controlled by someone outside your home. This guide will help you identify some of the ways you can stay alert and protect yourself. Also have a look at the information sheet which provides parents with a guide on how to control Internet use.
Social Media and mental health are two topics which are often in the news. Please read the information sheet produced by National Online Safety to keep you informed.
Please have a look at the documents below which relate to what parents need to know about age ratings and screen addiction.
Please have a look at the parent guides below link to a range of apps and games.