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Heart Sponsorship Day

 On Friday 14 February, Norton CEVC Primary School held a funding raising event to raise funds for a defibrillator. Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can affect anyone, no matter of age, gender, ethnicity or fitness level. So being as prepared as possible to help someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest is key; this means having a defibrillator and first aid kit on site. Immediate access is imperative, for every passing minute without treatment a patient loses 10% of their survival chances. If a defibrillator is used and CPR is performed within 3-5 minutes, survival chances increase from 6% to 74%.  


During the school day hundreds of people; children, staff, parents, family members and visitors enter the school grounds and it is our aim to ensure that everyone is kept safe and well.  We also wanted the defibrillator to be available to the residents of Norton as one of our Christian Values is Community and we truly believe community extends beyond the school grounds.


Following several meetings with the school council it was decided that the children would partake in a sponsored circuit. Each child would visit a station and carry out a particular activity, task or exercise for a duration of 3 minutes before moving on to the next one. There would be 10 stations in total.  To challenge the children there were different circuits planned for EYFS/Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. 


To organise the event, EYFS/KeyStage 1 completed the circuit in the morning and Key Stage 2 in the afternoon. The children were split into groups so that they had the opportunity to work with different year groups and teachers. There was then a carousal of activities for the children to experience when not completing the circuit.


In Key Stage 1 the children made heart shaped sandwiches with a healthy filling and completed Valentine Day Crafts. In Key Stage 2 the children learnt about the inside of the body, focusing on circulation, a heart shaped origami bookmark and a woven paper love heart.


The day was enjoyed by all but more importantly we raised over £2000 which will allow the school to purchase a defibrillator, and cabinet. This is an amazing amount of money to raise in just one event and as a school we are so grateful to parents, children, family and friends who invested in this day. 


Without doubt, Friday 14 February 2020 will be remembered as a day of fun, community and love.