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KS2 Advent Workshop

We are Waiting by Comet Class

We Are Waiting
We are waiting anxious and excited,
When the baby was born
Mary was delighted.

We are waiting peaceful and calm,
The light of Jesus
Will guide us from harm.

We are waiting impatient and amazed,
When church bells ring
Jesus will be praised.

We are waiting loved and grateful
Thinking of those
Who won’t get a plateful.

We are waiting merry and thrilled,
For on Christmas Day,
Our stockings will be filled.

Key Stage 2 a fantastic day with with Caroline from the Churches Conservation Trust, thinking about the meaning of Advent. We thought about how it feels to wait, the characters from the Bible represented by the candles on the Advent crown and different Christmas traditions and their origins.
It was wonderful to hear the children drawing comparisons to some things we saw and heard at the Mosque last week