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Year 1 World Water Day

Year 1 had a fantastic time on World Water Day exploring the positive powers of water. We looked at how water connects us to our community and our religion and how it can have a very positive impact on our health, creating feelings of calmness and happiness. We then wanted to find out how much we enjoyed using water so we played water games, made mud kitchen recipes and played in our water tray. In maths in the afternoon we compared the volume of different containers and created posters teaching everyone to be ‘water wise’ and save water. We  hope that all our hard work will help us to earn a green ‘Blue Peter’ badge😀

Our thanks also to Mrs Jackson who kindly came in to talk to us about how her charity helps communities in different parts of Africa to build wells so that remote communities can have better access to clean, fresh water. There were lots of very thought-provoking photos and discussions, including the dangers of meeting a crocodile or hippo if you had to walk a long distance to visit a river to collect your drinking water!